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The right fit for every kid with School Places

The right fit for every kid with School Places

Independent School Marketing Series

School Places helps schools fill their entire gamut of vacancies from full-fee, last-minute to future intakes, boarding, international or even gender specific places for those schools that have exemption to do so.

We are proud to have facilitated thousands of applications to Australian independent schools. With over 17,000 school vacancies from more than 220 schools currently loaded in the system and a monthly audience reach of over 30,000 parents, School Places is the only acquisition channel for schools that actively matches demand with real time vacancy supply.

But how does School Places work to ensure the right fit for both student and school?

Step 1 - The on boarding process

We take the time to understand each school’s unique features and positioning, vacancy availability and enrolment process requirements to ensure that the best possible outcomes are delivered for the school. Special notes and comments are added in the Customer Service back end view of each school’s profile to ensure we can effectively represent the school in order to find you the most suitable applicants.

Step 2 - You're in control

There is no cost to market your school to the School Places audience by having a profile onsite or listing vacancies. You have complete flexibility to load and remove vacancies instantly at any time throughout the year as enrolment numbers ebb and flow. As soon as a vacancy is loaded, your school profile appears in the Customer Service team’s search results for that year level and intake year.

Step 3 - School Places generates volume parent enquiries

As a marketplace, School Places appeals to parents at the start of the school research process when they jump online seeking general information. Through SEM, SEO, social media and third party affiliate programs School Places attracts a highly targeted, niche audience of parents either considering private education or actively searching for an enrolment.

Step 4 - Customer Service qualifies each parent enquiry

Only School Places Customer Service can access vacancy data. Details will only be discussed and presented to qualified parents. During this process, we establish basic criteria such as location, budget and religious affiliation (if any) plus more in-depth information around the child’s particular needs or family preferences.

There are no missed opportunities as we present qualified families to your school even if you don’t have a vacancy loaded on School Places for the year level they require. The decision to release a vacancy is entirely up to the school.

Step 5 - Parent applies for place

When a parent is matched to a vacancy by the Customer Service team, either the Customer Service Representative or the parent themselves can ‘claim’ the vacancy. After completing a short application form, the parent and student’s details are forwarded to the school and saved in the school’s management portal in the School Places back end. Each applicant generated via School Places must then satisfy the school’s formal enrolment criteria.

Step 6 - School accepts the application

After meeting with the family, the decision to either accept or reject the applicant sits with your school. A cost is only occurred once you accept a School Places applicant.

Step 7 - Happy parents and happy school

Today’s parents are busy. Many are unavailable during school contact hours, are confused by enrolment processes and overwhelmed with choice to find the right ‘fit’ – single sex or mixed, religious or non-denomination, accelerated learning, International Baccalaureate, VET, weekend sport or not – they’re all in the mix for today’s families. These parents turn to School Places for advice, assistance and an insight into the best match schools with availability.

School Places not only builds a pipeline for your school, but helps convert it. Our staff are trained to confidently represent your school, helping to move the parent from enquiry through to claim and to enrolment

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