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Cameragal Montessori School

Primary School, 12 Miller Street,, North Sydney, New South Wales
  • $12,700 / yr *
  • CO-ED | Grade 1 - Grade 5
  • Non-Denominational

About Cameragal Montessori School

Cameragal Montessori School is a genuine Montessori school with AMI trained educators. Our campuses are chosen for their unique locations. From a gorgeous 18th century sandstone school house to a lightfilled space set on 2 acres of grass and a brand new playground (due to be finished in June) to an architectural a-frame looking straight onto the harbour bridge, your child will experience the wonder and beauty of a truly personalised education in an amazing setting. 

There is a wonderful fluidity in a Montessori classroom, allowing for the sharing of experiences between kids over a wider range of ages. Peers are perhaps the most powerful educators. One of the most effective methods of learning is, in fact, teaching. By sharing knowledge and experience with others, it is reinforced within ourselves, and gives us a deeper understanding in the process. These little people are not only learning to learn, they’re also learning to teach. To explain. To listen. To lead.

A three-year-old can choose to spend time beading and threading, developing the fine motor skills required to hold a pencil. At the same time, in the same classroom, a five year old is writing a story. It’s a co-operative system where children learn alongside each other at their own level regardless of their age. When a five year old turns six, they move on to stage two and it’s their turn to be the little one again and learn from older classmates. Regardless of their month of birth, at six years of age, each student graduates to stage two and continues on at their own level. Development is not restricted by the calendar or the teacher or the cohort. In fact, academic and social development is a natural by-product of this carefully curated environment.

There's no question of being left behind or being under-stimulated because there's no pressure on educators to forge ahead in order to meet the demands of an inflexible curriculum. A deep relationship is forged between students and educators over the three-year-period with teachers having a very detailed understanding of each student's capabilities and interests. 

A common misconception is that Montessori schools are all bongos and basket weaving. The reality is that Montessori schools work to the curriculum in a unique and highly effective manner, providing a bespoke educational experience tailored specifically to each child’s individual needs. This strong academic focus ultimately delivers results that can often outperform mainstream schools.

In a Montessori classroom your child is part of an academic program with unparalled one-on-one time with expertly trained educators. There is little chance of a child feeling bored when they are actively encouraged to choose activities that interest them. When they lose interest, they simply choose another activity. And there is no limit to how deeply a subject or an idea can be explored. A child will not be interrupted to learn spelling when they are in the middle of a maths puzzle. Focus and concentration come naturally. Every achievement is valued and recorded but not in a way to make a child feel self-conscious, or different, or even aware that they are advancing beyond the norm.

When children are given the freedom to follow their instincts and explore their interests they can’t help but learn.

There are few true Montessori schools in Australia. For those who discover Montessori, there is no alternative and so places are waitlisted from birth. However, the nature of Montessori classrooms means that our six year olds graduate to the next class on their birthday, not at the end of a calendar year. Potentially leaving an available place for a 3-6 year old at any stage throughout the year. Because Montessori is so popular around the world (just ask Prince George), we have many bilingual children, creating a wonderfully diverse classroom. Expats do move on however, sometimes at short notice which could mean an opportunity for you. 

We believe we are creating future leaders who are independent, practical, self-reliant, creative, kind, respectful and decisive. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful little Montessori community. 


Local sports grounds and parks are used for sporting activities.

Before and After School Care

After school care is provided at the Lavender Bay campus for both primary school and Lavender Bay students on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until 5:00pm.

Public Transport Options

This campus is located close to North Sydney train station.

Discounts and Flexible Payment Options

Cameragal Montessori School offers sibling discounts when consecutively enrolled: 10% for first sibling. 20% for second sibling. 30% for third siblling. School fees are billed termly (quarterly). Families can elect to pay monthly by credit card or direct deposit agreement to be made with school/Principal.