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Emanuel Woollahra Preschool

7 Ocean Street, Woollahra, New South Wales
  • $14,500 / yr *
  • CO-ED | K3 - K4
  • Non-Denominational

About Emanuel Woollahra Preschool

Emanuel Woollahra Preschool is situated in Woollahra, on the same  campus as the Emanuel Synagogue. We are unique in that we are an independent and all inclusive Jewish Preschool.

We are a not-for-profit Preschool, licensed by the Department of Education and Communities. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, caring environment that reflects our Jewish culture and faith. We believe in diversity and that every child is unique irrelevant of their cultural background. We show respect, value and appreciate each and every individual at our Preschool.

Our purpose is to educate and encourage a “love of learning” in the developing child’s formative years before school. Our learning program is designed to build on the unique strengths of each child.

We value and respect everyone’s contribution to the Preschool and we welcome and encourage parent and community involvement.

It is our dedicated team of teachers that bring a diversity of qualifications, skills, experience and knowledge, to make each day at Emanuel Woollahra Preschool fulfilling in every way.

Many of our staff members have worked together for a number of years, fine tuning the programs that work for the children as well as providing a loving and stimulating learning environment, helping to nurture each child’s development. They are welcoming to all families, respectful of each child’s differences and are truly dedicated early childhood teachers who carry out their responsibilities with professionalism, integrity and sincerity.

The Preschool is committed to the professional development of all our teachers. Staff undertake regular training and are constantly updating their professional knowledge in all areas of child development. On staff, we also have a support teacher who focuses on promoting school readiness for the older children and a teacher who implements the Chalav U’Dvash (Hebrew) Program in all classes.

 Our Preschool provides a very intimate and nurturing environment. We have 3 classes, each with twenty children and a staff ratio of 1:10. In addition to this, we have staff members who rotate between the classes daily. The classes are divided age-appropriately, with a curriculum designed individually for each class. Our emphasis for the younger children is on social and emotional development while fostering their independence. In our older classes, we continue to further extend their skills in all areas of development including preparing the children for school.

Discounts and Flexible Payment Options

Payment plan options are available upon consultation.