School Places helps you find the right school, at the right price.

School Places personally matches your needs to private schools with vacancies. No waitlists. No phoning around. Just peace of mind.

Tell us your needs.

Together we’ll discuss the needs of your child, the sort of school you’re looking for, the year level required, and which intake year you’d like.

Compare options.

We’ll provide you with options based on your needs, at schools with vacancies right now. Last-minute vacancies often have discounts attached.

Claim a vacancy.

We’ll hold your vacancy while you meet with the school. When you’re ready to enrol, the school will take it from there. Or if it’s not the right fit, we’ll find you something else.
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It's free.
With no obligations.
We don’t charge you a cent and at no point in the process are you obligated to complete an enrolment.
Save time.
Let us do the ringing around.
Don’t chase options that aren’t there. We speak with schools daily and have real-time vacancies available on the spot.
Great schools.
That fit your child and budget.
We have schools to suit all families. We’re passionate about finding the right school for you and your child.

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