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Why School Places should be part of your school’s digital marketing strategy

Why School Places should be part of your school’s digital marketing strategy

Independent School Marketing Series

Through the many conversations we have with schools daily, we constantly hear of their frustration with traditional media as a way of generating enrolments, it seems that the results from these channels – direct mail, billboards, radio and print have been in decline for many P-12 independent schools.

These methods are difficult to measure, often very expensive, and the ROI minimal.

One of the key reasons more brands are turning to digital marketing over traditional marketing channels is the ability to interact with targeted audiences in real time. Parents are notoriously strapped for time, they often seek out products or services on their smartphones when they get a rare free moment in their day. Engagement in any form is what stakeholders expect to receive when interacting with your school.

School Places provides that engagement through a unique digital platform. Our emphasis is on finding the right fit for both student and school through our unique online marketplace that helps parents search and apply for an independent school place for their children. The purpose-built back end matches real-time demand with hidden supply, with inventory loaded from school campuses at any one time.

Through engaging content and digital marketing, School Places drives targeted traffic and genuine enquiries from parents actively searching for independent school information and enrolments. We showcase to thousands of monthly visitors your school’s uniqueness and not only build a pipeline of qualified leads for you, but help convert it. Our staff are highly trained to answer FAQ’s on your school, delivering a student-centered and personalised service from enquiry through to claim and enrolment,

Our ’always on’ holistic strategy will ensure your school is presented to parents exploring various entry points. Today’s society is considerably more transient and mobile than ever before and our platform is designed for the modern, mobile family. The majority of our enquiries are from relocation or international families, parents transiting children from government to independent education, or moving school’s due to their child’s particular passion i.e. music, arts or sport.

The most cost-effective marketing channel

Unlike expensive out-of-home and digital display marketing, ROI with School Places is much more assured. There is no cost to have a profile onsite nor to list vacancies. Our schools enjoy a success based model, a fee is only payable when your school formally accepts a School Places referred student. You have complete flexibility to load and remove vacancies instantly at any time throughout the year as enrolment numbers ebb and flow. Each parent who ‘claims’ a vacancy via School Places must satisfy your school’s formal enrolment criteria. The ability to either accept or reject the applicant sits with your school meaning the only cost is once we have placed a student that is the ‘right’ fit for your school.

Your profile on School Places helps parents understand what makes your school the right fit for their child and provides an opportunity to generate interest and enrolments across all year levels, including those that are traditionally hard to fill.

School Places will not replace your current marketing plans or activities, instead we are a valuable addition and another element to consider in the makeup of that plan. Multichannel marketing is important for the simple reason that you must be where your customers are. And today they are everywhere.

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