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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) Scholarship

Years Offered:
Year 7 and Year 11
Applications open:
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Broughton Anglican College seeks to provide opportunities for students, who have displayed a level of excellence in identified areas, to develop their gifts and talents in a Christian environment. 

The College seeks to develop a culture of excellence. By offering scholarships, Schools Council aims to encourage students to demonstrate they are committed to the achievement of excellence in their chosen field. 

Requirements & Eligibility

The College is offering STEM Scholarships for students who have shown commitment, passion and academic excellence in one or more subjects in the Science, Technology and Mathematics Key Learning Areas.

The successful candidates should have shown the ability to integrate their learning across the Key Learning Areas and have shown their ability as problem solvers and innovators. Students awarded scholarships in STEM in Year 7 will be expected to be studying the highest level of Mathematics (Years 7-10), at least Mathematics – 2 Unit (Years 11 and 12) and to be involved in curricular and cocurricular activities. It is an expectation that recipients of STEM Scholarships are involved in the Tournament of the Minds competitions and other extension activities in Years 7-10.

Successful candidates for STEM Scholarships in Years 11-12 would be expected to be studying at least Mathematics – 2 Unit and one or more subjects from Science and / or Technology Stage 6 suite of subjects. 

Parents and students should be aware that scholarships are subject to regular monitoring. This monitoring will assess academic performance, effort and attitude in the student’s study of subjects in the STEM Key Learning Areas and their involvement in cocurricular activities.

Next Steps

Applicants for Academic and STEM Scholarships will be required to complete a Broughton Scholarship Application form, provide a Portfolio and register online to sit an examination through the ACER Scholarship exam program on Saturday 24 February 2018.

Applicants for STEM Scholarships are requested to submit a Portfolio that includes: 

  • A design portfolio, showing evidence of something they have created and the process followed OR a scientific report for an investigation they have carried out
  • Evidence of high achievement in cocurricular activities within the school environment or local community
  • Results in academic competitions
  • Evidence of leadership roles
  • Other academic evidence

Candidates are encouraged to download a Broughton Scholarship Application Form and submit an application via the link below. 

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