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Paul Sheahan AM

School Places Chairman

Now there’s an easier way to fill your school’s vacant seats

Get your school in front of tens of thousands of parents that are searching School Places each month for non-government school vacancies.

How does School Places help your school?

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School Places provides schools with a highly targeted marketing channel that instantly matches parent demand with real time vacancy supply.

By generating additional revenue for seats that would otherwise be empty, School Places enrolments help to strengthen schools.

With little or no incremental costs associated with filling these vacancies, the additional funds have a significant positive impact on a school’s bottom line.

These funds can be allocated towards improved facilities, increased teaching aides or to help moderate future fee increases for incumbent parents.

Since April 2014, School Places has delivered
in potential enrolment revenue to our partner schools.

* Potential enrolment revenue is calculated as the lifetime of the student’s education (discount fee period + full fee period) plus Government funding, less School Places commission.

The School Places platform at a glance.

Discount and non-discount vacancies.

Match prospective students to the specific vacancies you’re looking to fill. Don’t worry, we only ever show one vacancy at a time.

Listing vacancies is free.

Creating a school profile and listing vacancies is free. You’ll only pay a small commission fee when you confirm an enrolment.

You're in control.

You determine the discount and discount duration. Each applicant goes through the school’s formal enrolment process.

Reach a wide audience.

Tap a qualified audience of prospective parents with over 20,000 unique visitors each month.

Fill the exact vacancies you want.

Target hard to fill vacancies in particular year levels, for specific enrolment years.

Parents are ready and waiting.

Over 5,000 registered parents on ‘standby’ waiting for vacancy alerts to fill desired spots
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